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Why I Came Back to BlueHost

So I’m giving Bluehost another chance. Since Making Sense of Cents is my blogshero I decided to click through her link to give her credit.

Why am I going back? A few reasons.

Personal: Yesterday I worked 8a to 12n. Went to dental appointment for endodontic retreatment. Logged back in at work from 2:30 to 4:30p. Then commuted to part time job. Got home a little after 8p. That is a 12 hour work day after being out on sick leave for 2 weeks. I was thinking as I meandered my recovering body into my teaching gig if I were financially independent this would’ve been a 2 hour day to go to dental appointment and I’d be able to give myself the full 6 weeks for my stitches to heal.

Financial:  My plan is to actively try to make money on this blog not just blog and hope for the best. My part-time gig ends early May 2018, and my goal is to have my Bluehost site up and running by then. That gives me time to allow the process to happen on a realistic timeline versus the instantaneous one I had in my head. I even set some preliminary goals:

Full launch: by May 2018

Income: $500/mon net revenue by end of first year, May 2019

Psychological: When I first went into blogging, I was lead/misled by the blogosphere that I could set up my blog in 3 easy steps and begin generating an income. Bluehost and WordPress are the most popular and often labeled the best for that. I’m a big fan of letting others do the work for me/ not re-inventing the wheel. Bluehost was not easy to set-up and I did not make money instantly. So I went back to Blogger because that was easy and I thought with Adsense I’d at least make a penny or two right away. That hasn’t happened either. So if it’s going to take time on both sites, I’d rather just continue with Bluehost since there is more potential to make more and continuing to post on blogger keeps me writing which is what I’ve been itching to do while I still have momentum.

Thoughts? Any goals you had to revisit after a first failure to launch?

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  1. Cath says:

    With regard to making money from your blog, I recommend staying away from absence. I routinely click off sites that have ads as they interfer with reading too much. It also earns very little. The way forward seems to be affiliate marketing. You can recommend items or services and earn a commission for referrals. However, make sure you know and trust your recommendation first and don’t over do it. Finally, the focus for your blog shouldn’t be making money as readers will see that, i did. Call it a nice bonus if it works. Google affiliate marketing and apply to one or two that fit your niche well. Good luck.

    1. Hey, Cath –
      Those are some good tips. I’m guessing you meant to say ‘adsense’ not absence. But I could be wrong.
      Well these days people seem to do both: Mediavine seems to be the holy grail in the personal finance world, and a lot of people are Amazon affiliates to start. I don’t really purchase that many unique things and especially not online. As of the last four months, I’ve turned this more into living documentation of my life. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback!

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