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What I Spent on Sweets This Month (Apr 2019)

So, I started formally tracking my expenses Jan 2018. I did it for a year, and it was enlightening to notice the trends. For the most part I update my spreadsheet every three months and have been posting the results. My blog also includes my projected budget for the year which serves as a guidepost primarily. You don’t want your money just blowing in the wind with no purpose, do ya?

What I have noticed with some other personal finance bloggers who do publish their budgets, income/expenses, savings, etc (collectively “Their Numbers”) is that some publish their alcohol spending. Conceivably that has been identified by many as a line item that needs to be monitored and reduced. Some also do fast food, coffee runs, subscriptions etc… general non-essential things that exist in their lives as essential.

I don’t drink alcohol or even coffee for that matter, and I already separate my Eating Out from Groceries. I have always been aware that I have a sickening sweet tooth. I can’t pass up a cookie or fresh baked good. The smell, the smell… it works on me every time. Given that diabetes is prevalent in these Southern States, I know I probably need to start watching my intake of sugary delights.

So, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to track how much I actually spend on sweets in a month. I know the actual dollar amount probably won’t be that high as my monthly grocery budget stays under or around $200/mon. But proportionally, I’m curious how much of that is a) not nutritious b) covered in sugar.

Let the record reflect the following:

Purchase Date Item Cost
4/3/2019 Lucky Charms $2.00
4/3/2019 Fruit Punch (12pk) $2.19
4/3/2019 Corn Pops $2.50
4/6/2019 Kettle Corn $0.50
4/14/2019 Cookie $1.69
4/21/2019 Fruit Punch $1.50
4/21/2019 Froot Loops $1.00
4/23/2019 Cookie Dough $2.04
4/27/2019 Reese PB Cookie Dough $2.89
4/27/2019 Pillsbury Brownie Cookie $2.89
4/27/2019 French Toast Sticks $1.25
4/27/2019 Cinnamon French Toast Sticks $1.25
Total $21.70
Total Groceries $111.50

So twenty bucks in sweets doesn’t seem like a lot on the surface, but given that I spent only around $100 in groceries this month, it’s kind of a lot! If you can’t guess, I really enjoy cookies. They’re so simple and so good. And now I’ve gone from making them from scratch, to using the cookie mix, to now just ready-to-bake!

In summary, 19% of my food spending is pure sugar!

Yikes. Definitely some room for improvement there.

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What about you, what tiny thing do you keep buying, that you could do well not to?

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  1. But huge kudos for keeping total food spending so low!
    I am addicted to both salty snacks and sugar. For an entire year I cut out both (as best I could, sugar is everywhere) and cut way down on everything white (bread, rice, pasta). Blood sugar went down. Now I‘ve fallen off the wagon and it’s a huge struggle again. So I should not be buying any of those things….

    1. Way to go, you! Salty snacks and sugar make up at least 50% of my diet.
      I imagine it’s easy to fall of the proverbial wagon, those foods are just so readily available and tasty. If you ever see those shows that go behind the scenes of consumer goods, there are entire teams dedicated to flavor satiety and increasing likeliness of binge eating. Thus, it’s hard to beat, even if you’re not necessarily overeating. They make it tasty on purpose!

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