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Wednesday Weekly

Wednesday Weekly: June 13, 2018

Most popular post on My Early Retirement Journey this week: My Week Ending June 8, 2018: 100k, Google Docs, Auntie Dearest

Wednesday Weekly is a round up of what I stumbled upon this week on the world wide web because sharing resources and information is what the internet’s all about.

How to Make Tough Decisions Easier (The New York Times)

The Quest of Laurene Powell Jobs (The Washington Post)
The Passion Profile Quiz (Clarity on Fire)

7 Steps to Use Google Calendar to Create Your Editorial Calendar (Your Marketing BFF)
How To Optimize Images For Your WordPress Website (Elegant Themes)

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My Early Retirement Journey - how to be single in your 30s


In case you missed it...


  1. Perfect timing MERJ! Having just scheduled my 1st quarterly blog report for tomorrow I had to rejig a couple of posts as I only want to post twice weekly and was already scheduled ahead. Read that Google calendar post and tadaa! I now have google calendar rather than scraps of paper. Thanks for the timely input.

  2. I love that! Yeah, I did most of my listicles for the summer in one day… and I couldn't figure out a way to visualize it all because I had some other things I had already scheduled as well. And that totally helped! Also, looking forward to the report!!!

  3. And then I woke up at 5.30am this morning and realised that I had only been blogging for 2 months not 3! Cue mad rush to change wording and images after I decided that I would still do the post just change from 3 to 2!

  4. No matter! You're still killing it. Saw your second guest post. Kudos, m'lady!

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