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Unemployment Diaries: 3 Quarter Horses in a Race I’m Not Sure I Want to Win

It’s Thursday afternoon at 2p. It’s my 2nd week of unemployment. Because I don’t feel restful quite yet, I have yet to call this voluntary break a sabbatical.

In fact, in a panic last Friday I applied to quite a few more jobs. Nine to be exact. This is in addition to the the seven from earlier that week when I had fleeting moments of panic. After hearing nothing good from any of my pending applications, the panic came to a full head that Friday.

Then miraculously, two days ago on Tuesday (that seems the best day for positive responses in my recent experience), I got three responses.

From the old chart, you’ll recall…

Horse #1 (aka No. 5 AZA)

5 6/24/19 AZA Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen on Jul 10; e/m back avail times Jul 10; f/u Jul 25; radio silence since; 8/6 friend sends a personal email referring me; 8/7 e/m request for HR phone screen; 8/7 I reply; no response; 8/12 e/m request for HR phone screen; 8/14 HR phone screen

The other two responses were late stage arrivals to my jobbing process.

Horse #2 ADM, applied 7/26 (another Friday panic), phone interview 7/30 and 7/31 with HR and Hiring Manager, respectively. Radio silence until 8/13 when I was emailed for a 2nd phone interview with another department head. That happened 8/15 (earlier this morning).  The previous phone screens were pretty neutral. The role was kind of scary because it’s essentially a “start-up” as in their products haven’t yet launched. Ultimately, although they kind of ghosted me for two weeks, there were no hard feelings. I was mostly satisfied with their immediate interest.

Horse #3 G1T, our latest arrival. I actually crossed this out on my spreadsheet after applying on 8/9 (Fri) because I didn’t think they’d think I was qualified because my previous job titles didn’t exactly match the current role. Shows what I know! They emailed 8/13 (Tues) for an HR phone screen on 8/14 and at the end of the call scheduled another phone screen with the VP for 8/16 (Fri). Just like they say in those dating handbooks – secure the second date on the first date!

I was a bit surprised because I wasn’t confident that I had convinced her I had project management experience since I never specifically had that job title, although again, I think everything I’ve done has encompassed the duties of the position.

And then…

As I’ve done will all my callbacks, I try to gauge my interest and what I would pick if I were offered all three positions.

Horse #1 (AZA, Maryland)
Pros: More money, my ask of $137 to 142k was considered “competitive” by the HR recruiter; probably a bigger bonus than what I was used to; the work might be closer to the flow I I think I want; seemingly more opportunities for growth either within that company or as a launching pad as some in my field seem to have quicker ascension up the ranks by switching companies.

Cons: moving to suburban DC ( = lots of traffic, living with my family to avoid double the rent, family drama); working for big pharma means future restructuring

What say you: I don’t know; it sounds good on paper, but something about it is keeping me from being too excited; maybe it’s the fact that they’ve been stringing me along; or moving back home and not quite getting the fresh start I seem to be wanting.

Horse #2 (ADM, Florida)
Pros: New challenge I suppose; resume booster; more money than last job
Cons: Not super excited about being on a team of 1, hard to know what I’m supposed to be doing everyday, having to work so closely with others; moving; living in Florida; not my target salary

Other: I’d be closer to Aunty MERJ which I have mixed feelings about.
What say you: I have pretty neutral feelings about this position; it is very much a start-up as we would be creating the department; I don’t see myself staying there long term.

Horse #3 (G1T, North Carolina)
Pros: contract position, so if nothing else pans out, it will be great to have that money coming in without feeling stuck; resume booster; more money than last job
Cons: Another team of 1 role, seems manageable but I think I’d be confused for awhile on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing; still in NC
What say you: If I get no other offers, I’d happily take it. But if I were in late stage with the other two, I’d probably play hard to get.

Right now, my default position is to say yes to whomever makes the first offer. If I were offered all three on the same day, I’d choose the one with the most money.  Easiest choice since that’s the main reason I work – to make money.

But who knows, there might be no and then 🙂

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