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Underemployment Diaries: 1 Week Later, A Quick Update

Greetings, all,

I thought I’d drop a quick note in update about my first week at the new job. I started Monday and ended Friday…intact. So far, so good. It’s mostly just been online training.

Surprises: everything is virtual which makes me question why I have to be on campus at all. Half of the people I’ve met (mostly online) are from Call Center 1 (my previous employer).

Better watch out: I’ve been pretty vocal about some of my concerns. Probably need to watch my mouth.

Looking to the future: As I said, most of the department works remotely. It has been an adjustment period, but it makes my working from home more of a possibility and less like a special privilege as it was at Call Center 1. That said I stumbled upon Cincinnati, OH as a possible next destination. Low rents! I couldn’t do much to increase my salary after 100+ job applications, so I refocused on trying to decrease my expenses.

Money stuff: As I briefly mentioned, new job on paper pays $1500 more than old job. But insurance premiums are $3k, bringing me down to net -$1500. And I’m working 8.5 hour days vs 7 hour days (magic math). Plan to choose high deductible plan (w/HSA) for remainder of 2019 and then 2nd highest deductible plan (w/HSA) for 2020. Based on some rudimentary calculations, I would need to have a lot of healthcare to make the expensive health plan worth it.

Recreation: Still toying with taking a fitness class. If I look at as optional, I am less inclined. If I look at it as necessary for life, it’s a no-brainer. How to convince myself of the latter?

Last bits: Had Big Pharma interview in Boston on Wed. Able to take off work with no hassle. Hoped they’d call me with an offer Friday. No bananas. Had 1 more phone screen on Tuesday, online status on Friday leads me to believe I may make it to an onsite. We shall see. Already received paycheck for this week of work; renewed lease for 6 months after much deliberation; had some doubts (w/tears) about withdrawing interest from Big Pharma NJ after on-site; feel good about plan to move to Cincy in 6 months, at least gives me something on which to focus; family making me crazy with eldercare responsibilities.

That’s it! Have a beautiful day!

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