TV and Takeout

TV and Takeout for the week ending Feb 25, 2018

As I’m still working the 50 hour weeks and getting paid for 43, I ate out almost everyday this week. Takeout is the bait I use to get out of bed every morning. Self, if you go to work today, you can eat whatever you want. It doesn’t immediately move me because I’m a human person and I can eat whatever I want any day, but eventually I do get up.

This week (ending Feb 25, 2018):
TV cost: $0 (using my brother’s Netflix password and free CBS All Access Monthly trial)
TV shows: Caroline in the City, Celebrity Big Brother, Amazing Race

Monday: $3.51 (Lowe’s rolls and bananas)
Tuesday: $4.75 (Chick Fil A 6 piece nuggets Kids Meal)
Wednesday:  $9.19 (Peruvian Chicken with fries and rice and beans)
Thursday: $1.00 (bagged salad) + $1.94 (KFC Chicken Little before night class)
Friday: $9.73 (Peruvian Jerk Chicken Special)
Saturday: none
Sunday: none

TOTAL:  $30.12

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