Throwback 20s

Throwback 20s: My Free Trip to Washington DC!

So every now and then when I binge read other FIRE blogs, I wonder what the heck I was doing in my 20s when they were all seemingly frugaling away their coppers.  To keep my head up and not get too bogged down with what I wasn’t doing, I decided to start this Throwback 20s Series as a gentle reminder of the adventure portfolio I was building with a FIRE twist.  So instead of bemoaning my twenties, I want to take some time to celebrate that part of The Journey! Come along! I urge you!

This week I’m highlighting domestic trips. For a long time I didn’t have a passport to travel out of the country and visited 40 out of the 50 states before I turned 30! Let’s not discount how amazing America is for greener pastures across national lines. Lots of people come here to visit!


I was living in California at the time and really wanted to be there for the 2009 Inauguration. History was being made no matter what side of the line you were on.
My cousin was in medical school at the time in Washington DC = free housing!
My roommate (in a 4 person share) was a flight attendant for JetBlue = free airfare! ( I miss those $525/mon housing days)


the mobs, the mobs, the mobs!


who doesn’t love a little pomp…







I’m pretty sure I wasn’t this close…this might be a stock photo
awe, little ones…


this is more representative of how close I likely was


the mobs were serious..if I didn’t mention it 🙂


I loved all of it!



Best trip ever!


In case you missed it...

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