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Throwback 20s

Throwback 20s: How I Traveled to Oxford, England for Free

So every now and then when I binge read other FIRE blogs, I wonder what the heck I was doing in my 20s when they were all seemingly frugaling away their coppers.  To keep my head up and not get too bogged down with what I wasn’t doing, I decided to start this series as a gentle reminder of the adventure portfolio I was building with a FIRE twist.  So instead of bemoaning my twenties, I want to take some time to celebrate that part of The Journey! Come along! I urge you!

ASA Oxford 2009 (Now Summerfuel)
Plan to arrive in Oxford between 9:30am – 2 pm on your arrival day, Thursday June 25th for RAs

HOW I FOUND ABOUT IT: A friend I met at a US academic summer camp we both worked in 2005

A Resident Advisor (RA) will live on each hall to create a community, provide support, plan activities and help students get the most out of their stay in Oxford.

Best of London, Part I
Best of London, Part II
Blenheim Palace
Broughton Castle

$800 – $1,600 (depending on length of program)
Up to $250 travel stipend
Full room and board*
*they gave us cash for lunches, so I just hoarded it and applied it to excursions/flight

THE UGLY TRUTH: (I don’t want to be the socialmedialite who glosses over the bumps)
I got swine flu there and was bed-laden for 1 week before I left. However, I got free medicine. I planned  to stay a week after the gig ended but my host refused me after I got sick. I also hated everyone I worked with that summer. The kids were fine though. Getting sick on travels has kind of dampened my vigor for travel in early retirement; that and I’ve been to the hotspots by now!







very British



gratuitous food picture


something related to Hogwarts


my sick bed


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