Throwback 20s

Throwback 20s: That Time I Went to Eastern Europe

So every now and then when I binge read other FIRE blogs, I wonder what the heck I was doing in my 20s when they were all seemingly frugaling away their coppers.  To keep my head up and not get too bogged down with what I wasn’t doing, I decided to start this series as a gentle reminder of the adventure portfolio I was building with a FIRE twist.  So instead of bemoaning my twenties, I want to take some time to celebrate that part of The Journey! Come along! I urge you!


Through a student exchange program with IPSF, a college in Romania provided a place to stay and a host for 3 weeks. My host was a traveler and advised me on air deals on RyanAir for trips between countries and local “cross country” bus routes that allowed me to see at least 5 countries during my stay on the cheap. #FIREapproved

I supplemented the trip with an early arrival in Germany and stayed with my aunt!

About $2,000 most of which was airfare (USA > Germany > Romania > Italy > Romania > USA) and bus fare as I stayed in a free dorm for a few weeks and with my aunt for a week.  Airfare was kind of last minute because as I mentioned in an earlier post, I started to lose the travel bug. Tip: use the bus if you’re going anywhere between Romania and Poland!



McDonald’s in Germany
View from Berlin double decker bus
Berlin walk sign
old European building
Over the tops of Cluj, Romania
KFC in Cluj
Quick jaunt to Rome
you know this guy
Burger King in Rome
dairy free gelato!
dairy-free/cheeseless pizza in Rome
Cluj mountains
Cluj lake
More Cluj mountains
Cluj accomodations in dorm
Stuffed cabbage in Cluj! Yumsies
Hospital where we worked. Note: that’s not me.
Hospital cans food for patients #FIREapproved
wee bus ride to Hungary; no bigs
iconic Chain bridge joining Buda and Pest
chicken, potatoes, and kerfola in Bratislava

In case you missed it...

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