Throwback 20s

Throwback 20s: An Overview

So every now and then (read: evenings and weekends when I think about the next workday), when I binge read other FIRE blogs, I wonder what the heck I was doing in my 20s when they were all seemingly frugaling away their coppers (what my Nan used to call pennies).  I don’t remember living especially lavishly; in fact I was underemployed for most of my 20s. Yet, I managed to have a wide range of experiences to which many aspire in retirement, early or traditional. This is a celebration of that!  Worth noting, I did see an episode of HGTV way back then where some young people were trying to turn retirement on its head by by starting a local beach coffeeshop to generate just enough business to fund their carefree lifestyle and enjoy life as much as possible before they were too old to do so, i.e. regular retirement age. I’ve always remembered thinking how clever they were and how right they were! And that general idea was an undercurrent in my 20s.  I think there has always been some unrealized FIRE potential in me but it manifested itself in different ways.

To keep my head up and not get too bogged down with what I wasn’t doing, I decided to start this series as a gentle reminder of the adventure portfolio I was building with a FIRE twist.  So instead of bemoaning my twenties, I want to take some time to celebrate that part of The Journey! Come along! I urge you!

Summary Objectives of Throwback 20s Series:

  1. Celebrate my Roaring Twenties!
  2. Break up the white space in an otherwise texty blog
  3. Captivate readers
  4. Remind readers of the Original Travel Hack: Family and Friends!

Sneak Peek:

DC Conservatory, 2011

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