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Early Retirement Journey Summer 2018

This Morning at the Elder Care Center

Hey there, since the internet is for sharing. I thought I’d share what was asked of me at my recent intake appointment at the Elder Care Center in my county in North Carolina in July 2018. I was not fully prepared, but maybe the next person might be. The intake process took almost 2 hours and that was with me not having all the documentation. This was just my experience, so please don’t take this as absolute fact or official information.

Start here: Resources for Seniors

Income Limits
Based on income requirements, Aunty MERJ was priced out of: (again unofficial, just my experience)

  • In-home care (income limit: $1,012)
  • Group home (income limit: $1,248)

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For long-term care, the “reserve limit” was $2,000 which excludes 1 home and 1 car, but includes: property and liquid assets. This wasn’t fully explained, but it appears to be how much you have in assets. Also not fully explained, but this reserve limit is different from the income limit for assistance for long-term care – which from my understanding varies depending on the facility but is usually not less than $3,000.  Said another way, based on income and assets, Aunty MERJ qualifies for assistance for long-term care because her income from pension and social security is around $1400/mon and she has no applicable assets.

Information Required
Here are some of the questions they asked and information requested, so you can be better prepared:

  • Income and income verification (e.g. social security can be verified by them; pension verification must include a dated later on letterhead that lists gross amount and deductions, or paystubs if still earning income)
    • I have no idea how I’m going to get a copy of Aunty MERJ’s pension documents.
  • Car
    • Exact date purchased
    • How much is it worth
  • FL2
    • Form signed by doctor indicating level of care required
  • Placement in a Medicaid-approved facility, or placement pending
  • Benefits in another state must be terminated before an approval can be made. You must provide a termination date if patient is getting Medicaid in another state.
  • Life insurance policy
    • What is the name of company, policy number, amount, is it term/life
    • Bring documenation
  • 2 ways to prove residency (e.g. lease agreement, admission into LTC facility, piece of mail, identification)
  • Last known address
  • Be aware that they will sue patient’s estate in the event of patient’s death for any Medicaid benefits received for which patient were not entitled.
  • Medical bills
  • Health insurance verification
  • Other demographic information: name, address, phone number, SSN, Medicare start date (not same as Medicaid)

Lastly, you will be notified of a decision within 45 days.

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