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The Subtle Art of Persistence: A Suprising But Effective Way To Get Your Money Back After a Tow

In case you are just joining My Early Retirement Journey, I was towed earlier this year from my apartment complex…on a weekday. I found it completely outrageous. Yes, I was parked in a handicapped space but it was on the side of the building in front of vacant retail spaces. There was nothing for the imaginary handicapped person to go to. Nothing. The retail spaces had been vacant since the building opened 2.5 years ago. Thus, the handicapped parking spaces were not accessible to anything. I had parked there for the 2.5 years I lived in the building without issue. Then one day, I got towed.

In a follow-up post, I documented my failed attempt to plead my case and get my money back. I was defeated and tried to move on. Then a week or so later, some construction began in those retail spaces and guess where the construction crew parked their vehicles and dumpster… in the handicapped space. What was such an egregious act a week before that it got me towed was now permissible? As the young kids say, homie don’t play that. I couldn’t stand it. I was re-ignited and began a regular email campaign asking for my money back. It didn’t help that the construction noise and debris were right underneath my apartment. It was the first thing I heard and saw… every morning.


My Early Retirement Journey - how to be a single woman in your 30s and retire early
Construction in handicapped space

Timeline of Events:
30Mar2018: Car towed. Cost: $300 (plus 1.5 hours of work and holiday pay)
04Apr2018: I emailed asking for my money back. 
04Apr2018: They refused.
09Apr2018: I emailed again pleading my case and asking for my money back.
09Apr2018: They refused.
16Apr2018: I sent another email pointing out the construction crew parking in the vacant lot.
16Apr2018: They refused.
23Apr2018: I emailed again with the same details and inconsistency in enforcing policy.
26Apr2018: Success! I got an email back saying the towing fee ($300) was credited to my account!

My Early Retirement Journey - how one single woman in her 30s will retire early
Rent normally: $910 + water

So the #1 way to get your money back after a tow: PERSIST.

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  1. Hey! That's great, well done for persisting!

  2. Nice, I'm glad you got your money back! It's no small amount 🙂

  3. You are right about that!

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