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Spotlight on: Millennial Revolution

I can’t get enough of their Reader Cases! Please check out their site. It’s brash and straight to the point. They are unapologetic and have a bit of a Cinderella story. Who doesn’t like that?!

Remember the ‘old days’ when online chat was still a thing and people would list and ask for stats upon entering a chatroom.
I thought that might be a quaint idea to utilize as I browsed and shared other FIRE blogs of interest. As this blog grows, there might be other blogs that might apply to your situation or season or just might be more interesting.
I like sharing knowledge; it’s kind of what the Internet’s all about. Some of the details are things bloggers have strong opinions on and use it to differentiate their experience. Others are things that are fun or basic to know about other bloggers.

Blog name: Millennial Revolution
Author: Kristy Shen (FIREcracker) and Bryce Leung (Wanderer)
Blog start date: 2016
Location: call Toronto home, but travel full-time
Current Age: 35 and 36
Age of FI/RE: 31 and 32
Net worth: $1,000,000 and counting
Debt: $0
Income/ Income streams: investment income, blog income, book deal
Savings: $1,00,000 and counting
Filing status: Married
Rent/own: rent
Kids: 0
Pets: 0
Car: no
Cell phone: yes
Cable: no
Credit cards: yes, for travel hacking
Motivation: Because they could? They were pretty high earners and graduated college with little if any debt.
Their Journey so far: FIREd at 31
Blog Notables: I particularly am a big fan of the reader case studies. There is a lot of flack in the comments section of these posts but FIRECracker doesn’t seem to pay it any mind. Her husband does an investment series worth checking out for those new to investing.  I can certainly appreciate their no nonsense style to their blog. It has a particular sense of…it’s my blog..I do what I want!
My takeaway:  You don’t have to own a home as part of your investment portfolio. They are big proponents of rent vs own and encourage others to really assess if it makes sense in their Journey to Early Retirement because it’s not a requirement nor a necessary part of the dream for everyone.
How I relate to their journey: FIRECracker has several posts on her meager beginnings in Communist China and how being poor helped shaped the choices that have afforded her the lifestyle she does. I too grew up in humble but happy conditions as a new immigrant where hardwork was a lifestyle not a choice.
What blogbytes would you like to know about your favorite FIRE blogger?

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