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#1 Single Girl Journeykeeper – DOWNLOAD

A beautiful simple to use guide to manage your life and money. Using this resource helped me in so many ways!

*First, tracking my incidental expenses during the week helped me to identify holes in my budget. Namely, I spent two or three or even five dollars easily on convenience foods and snacks at work on a daily basis. When I looked at the total over a week, I realized even just buying a family size of my favorite snack could save me $10 a week. No cooking required!

*Next, keeping track of my work hours gave me a sense of accomplishment at the end of each work day and work week. I could give myself a mental pat on the back for making it through another work week. In the days of direct deposit where checks are no longer passed around, seeing this visualization of where exactly my day went really helped.

*Thirdly, keeping track of my mental and physical health and health goals helped me to see the big picture of what I was or wasn’t doing even though I thought I was. This includes simple things like taking the stairs at work, or walking the perimeter of my office building during my lunch or breaks. For you it can include bigger things like a prescribed exercise or a healthy eating regimen.

*Lastly, I keep a gratitude log. This Journeykeeper helps me track that during the day. I like to look at my gratitude log periodically and at the end of the year to remind myself of my everyday blessings. I track simple things like making it to work on time, or not burning down the house after leaving the stove on accidentally to prayers answered for my family or myself. Overall, this is the best tool to keep track of your life and money!

#2 Single Girl Money Calendar – DOWNLOAD

The Single Girl Money calendar is a great way for a busy girl to track her monthly expenses. You can update it daily or weekly or monthly as you see fit. It auto-calculates your expenses for the day, the week or the month, and keeps a running tally. For those that like to track no-spend days, if you pull out an old statement and update the calendar, you can get a quick overview of days or weeks that are more spendy than others. The Single Girl Money calendar is a good fit for those who want to track their daily spending and identify trends.

#3 Single Girl Money Boss-Your-Budget Tool – DOWNLOAD

I love, love, love this one! This is the best budgeting tool for those getting ready to take control of their finances. It has so much to offer. It’s great for those trying to stay on budget in just a few categories. It provides a column to set your target and then to track your progress for the whole calendar year! That’s my favorite feature and there’s a line graph for quick reference. Other visuals include under/over conditional formatting in attractive colors to give you a quick monthly reminder of how well you’re doing each month relative to your spending or savings target. There are also great trending tools for the more visually inclined. The Single Girl Money Boss-Your-Budget Tool has a lot to offer for the serious #singlegirlboss who benefits from setting goals, analyzing numbers and visualizing trends!


Thank you for taking the first steps to take control of your #singlegirl life and money with the free essential Single Girl Toolkit (a $14.99 value)!