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Single Girl Must-Watch List – Fall 2018

For as much time as I spend talking about it, I thought it would be helpful in the documentary of my journey to share my carefully curated Fall TV lineup aka my Fall watchlist. While I technically did cut cable as of February of this year, it was supposed to be only seasonally. I was really busy with my side hustle and didn’t have time to watch my $80/mon cable in the spring. Then summer came and there were no good shows on. So I impatiently awaited Fall, not for Fall colors or Fall sweaters or pumpkin spiced latte. No, I’ve been waiting all year for Fall premieres. And so far so good.

I currently stream live TV on my Roku device. For those new to the streaming stick (as I was just months ago), Roku basically allows me to watch shows that I used to watch online on my television set. For example, I can watch things like Hulu or Netflix or individual channels like ABC or CBS as apps through the Roku. Instead of wondering if my seven year-old laptop is going to crash or have sound or start at all, I can just stream these shows through my Roku device and watch it on my television set with full sound and HD quality.  For live basic cable and network cable shows, I pay $43/mon for DirecTV Now.  DirecTV Now is a pretty sucky user experience but it’s wining because no other providers offer live network and cable channels through an app.

At $1.43/day, I can’t complain too much, but I do want to make sure I get my money’s worth. As a result, I made myself this little schedule today at work for my upcoming cool Fall evenings.  Plus, if I don’t make a schedule, I’ll spend all my evenings changing fonts and spacing on this here blog. So while the rest of you are picking up toys in the evenings or getting cozy by the fire with a loved one, this single girl will be picking up the remote and getting cozy by her Roku.  Here’s my fall watchlist!


FOX block

8p The Resident

9p 9-1-1


ABC block

(+/-) 8:30p The Kids Are Alright

9p black-ish

9:30p Splitting Up Together

(+/-)10p  The Rookie


ABC block

8:30p American Housewife

9p Modern Family

9:30p Single Parents

10p A Million Little Things


(+/-) 8p Grey’s Anatomy

NBC block

9p Mom

9:30p Murphy Brown

Fridays – Sundays

Catch-up on shows, preferably in On Demand binge sessions, I’m interested in but too lazy to track down: Bull, TLC’s The Little Couple, Home Sweet Sextuplets, Lifetime’s You, My Lottery Dream Home, Survivor, Big Brother, Chicago Med, all the reality shows I have yet to encounter!

Nightly, I like to relax from 10 – 11p with episodes of House Hunters and House Hunters International.

Your turn

What will you be doing these cool fall evenings? If TV shows are a part of your nightly routine, what do you plan to watch?

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  1. I’m not much of a tv myself but there are a few shows I like to watch. Cable costs so much for so little but there’s just some pleasures we just can’t go without.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Andy. What do you like to watch?

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