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Single Girl Life | Jan 19, 2019: Irons in the Fire, The Company You Keep, Aunty MERJ Update

It’s Saturday night with the single girl! Welcome. I, too, am having another night in. No yummy snacks this time and nothing I’m too jazzed to see on television. I’m a bit television-ed out. Blasphemous I know. I really want to go outdoors but I don’t know what exactly to do.

So, my two readers, if you’ve been with me for awhile you know I used to do weekly life updates. Then I suddenly stopped. Well, at the realization that this blog is probably going to stay a hobby unless I radically change it, I became less motivated to maintain it. In fact earlier this week when Bluehost sent me an email reminder to renew my domain name, I seriously considered giving it up all together. We shall see…

So here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Dying at 35
That started out being part of this life update, but it got too long, so look for it to post tomorrow.

Irons in the Fire
I’m feeling unrealistically optimistic. I have quite a few things pending for the beginning part of the year. Friday before I left work my manager notified me that she was submitting my name for the interim Quality Specialist position. We had talked about it during my end of year performance review, and I wasn’t sure if much would come of it! Well, color me surprised! The thought of it actually got me pretty excited. I would get off the phones; it’s a position I’m fairly interested in; filling in in the interim means it’s a no pressure way to try out the role without commitment and see if it’s a good fit; and it’s a management position with no subordinates. Yasss, queen! It could be potentially more income down the road and it would at least help mark the time.

The second iron in the fire is the Leland Hunger Fellowship. I applied on one of my weekend searches for escape and was notified earlier this week that they received my application. I mean that is literally nothing, but for some reason it got me excited.

Third, I submitted for the Spanish auxiliary program. I wasn’t going to because ideally it would be better to wait at least until 2020 to go, but it didn’t cost anything and we all know by now I can be a pretty anxious person. I don’t even know why I did it because compared to last year, work has gotten a lot better these last couple weeks. I think I just got tired of thinking about it. And the day later, I received notification that my application was accepted and able to be considered for placement. So in total I applied to two Spanish programs; we shall see…

The Company You Keep
I met up with an old classmate two weeks ago. It wasn’t that fun; I keep hoping it will be. Anyway, I mentioned needing to get a vaccination for an upcoming trip to South Africa. I was lamenting the $175 price tag and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “you can afford it.” And that was that.

Of note, he has been very dismissive the couple times I have brought up FIRE – literally shaking his head and waving away the notion. Compared to me, he is in a much better position to FIRE (and travel-hack) but any cost cutting measure I have gently introduced are instantly dismissed. Will I ever learn that no one else really cares about this stuff outside the blogosphere?

It made me think outside of FIRE, one of the reasons it makes it hard to leave my current station in life is the people I’m surrounded by, namely co-workers, are so happy here. Every other House Hunters or Beachfront Bargain Hunt has someone moving to North Carolina. Apparently it’s really great here.  So on the FIRE front, there is no one in my current life that can relate; on the let’s leave NC front, there is no one in my current life that can relate; in the single-on-purpose front, there is no one in my current life that can relate. So for that one girl out there like me I haven’t met yet, I write this blog for you.

When I watch all my Investigation Discovery (scary) shows, it again illustrates how the company you keep can really set a trajectory for your life that can be difficult to escape. It goes without saying that I am lucky that I’m not surrounded by morally decrepit people, but I do think if I don’t escape their reach I will magically end up with a baby and a house and a thirty year career at a call center. Surely, this is not the worst possible life outcome, but can’t I do better?

Aunty MERJ Update

Well Aunty MERJ is pretty much the same. So after 1 billion phone calls (including one just this morning to cancel a McAfee auto-renew subscription) and follow-ups, her finances are an auto-pay masterpiece and she is making it to her doctors’ appointments. She is off the bank of MERJ and… wait for it… we finally got an in-home aide! Will wonders never cease! On Monday, she is scheduled to have the port put in to begin dialysis.

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  1. Susan M. Steiner says:

    Great about the possible promotion! If it goes through, that will help you ward off the urge to quit until you have more money saved. And congrats too on getting things organized for your aunt.

    I think more people than not want to retire early, but can’t imagine it (their work is their identity) or are afraid about money.

    1. Thank you! I really don’t know, but I don’t plan on trying to convince too many people in 2019.

  2. Sending you all the good vibes out there so you get the promotion!
    I get how you feel on not having a lot of people to relate to about lifestyle choices and the path you’re on. Completely changing my lifestyle to get out of debt/make financial progress is foreign to everyone I know. I get a lot of misunderstanding for being adamant that I never want kids. And although I do have a partner, it can feel just as lonely on the FIRE path when they also can’t and don’t want to understand nor participate in it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worse – my household net worth is lower and my expenditures are higher as a unit with him than if I was on my own! Having like-minded people to connect with over blogs, etc is a god send for me, as feeling alone in it all can be really difficult.
    Thank you for sharing your world with us.

    1. Thanks, NWB. I didn’t get it! Womp, womp. Hmm, that’s interesting that your partner doesn’t get it. Is that a dealbreaker for you?

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