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Single Girl Life | Feb 8, 2019: Friends from College, Big Brother Tropes, Vacations Pending

Feb 8, 2019

Dear Future Self,

You made it through another work week, and I would say you didn’t feel like quitting your job the whole week, just some of the week. Praise the Lord!

There were quite a bit of tears this week (and last).

The Interim Position.
I didn’t get the interim position. It went to Bubbles McGee aka I-Love-It-Lucy. Another blonde girl who played the game better than me. She will need a lot of help and rescuing but because she smiles all day long, everyone will be happy to help her do her job!

Friends from College.
With 35th birthday coming up after the holiday season, was feeling nostalgic and reached out to friends from college. Also maybe looking for some emotional support after the emotional upset that was the Interim Position. Was secretly hoping someone was doing something more awesome than me so I could get some ideas. No dice. #yaborin

Big Brother.
Like a dummy, I keep watching Big Brother! I love to hate it so much. The three tropes you expect to find within the first 3 episodes of all these reality game shows:
– The White Bro Alliance (“there’s just something about your white man face/blonde hair I trust”)
– The Blonde Damsel in Distress (often rescued by a member of the bro alliance to his ultimate demise)
– The Villain (often a person of color who gets nominated to be voted off because she’s too “difficult” to live with)
This season of Celebrity Big Brother did not disappoint.

Vacations Pending.
With all my budgeting and expense tracking last year, I realized I didn’t have much tangible fun with my money. I don’t mind traveling but it’s not my favorite thing to do. However since I wasted so much money on not-traveling and traveling is such an acceptable way to mark “fun,” I decided to purchase some vacations. My caveat was to use as little vacation days as possible, mostly because I spent them all last year being sick. Also, my emotional breakdown after being passed over for the interim position just made me want to get out of NC. Plus, I’m getting tired of having nothing to do after work. And to celebrate my birthday month, I thought I’d mark the moment with some fancy photos. So, here’s what I’ve purchased so far:
– Rdtrp to S. Africa
– Rdtrp to Phx (Grand Canyon bound)
– 1 way to Toronto (Niagara Falls bound)
– Excursion trip to S. America (I just went for it!)

I have little to no expectations for these trips – mostly just a photograph and a distraction from my very ordinary life. Everyone’s doing it!

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