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Single Girl Life | Apr 2, 2019 Update: No New Friends

Since so much of my early retirement journey is not related to money, I’ve been trying to find another metric to track. Tracking another metric is for motivational purposes and serves as living documentation of other aspects of  my journey.  This is a preliminary post. If you have other things you’re tracking along your life or personal finance journey, please share!

Using some of my old journals and ideas from other personal bloggers, I’m going to try these items.


Still working at the call center. Working the 11a-7p shift.
In March 2019, received an annual bonus of about $3,700. Got an annual raise of about $1/hr. I am grateful. Thanks, God.

Been working from home most of March and it’s been pretty nice albeit not any easier to take the few steps to my desk. Every morning it’s the same: Ugh, what am I doing here. I’ve tried to resign myself to this life but my brain keeps peppering me with asinine questions to hatch a plan to make my life better, to find an escape, to take a break. But Brain (yes, I call my brain by its name) doesn’t tell me what “better” looks like. It’s a daily struggle.

Current ruminations: quit in 2 weeks; ask for per diem schedule of 2 days a week; ask for 30 hours a week; take a year off starting in Sep 2019; take a year off starting in Sep 2020.

Note, I’ve been told before that generally time off is approved only for health reasons, but I know at least 1 person that has gotten a per diem schedule and 1 person long ago who got one day off for a little while but then had to go back to full time to meet company needs.


Most recent life update on this blog: On 4 Years of Solitude and Reaching Out Again

No changes here. I have been contemplating making a new friend or two. After reaching out to old friends with no real sparks, I feel less compelled. The thing is I’m not one of those people to whom things just happen. Unless I decide to be open to a new platonic relationship, I won’t make the small talk; or accept the invite to socialize; or seek out social interactions.

Right now, I still spend 99% of my free time watching television. I decided to delete my email account off my iPad because I was checking email rabidly as if the answer to all my problems were just one email away.

Went on four trips in March. Part of me thinks it was a waste of time. I really don’t get it. The memories fade eventually, so really what’s the point? And I still have to come back and go to work. What a tease. Part of me  was hoping that by having something to look forward to it would make me think less about quitting work. You know… I’d have something to spend the money on other than food and rent. Help it did not.


Most recent financial update on this blog: Single Girl Money | March 2019 Financial Update.

Automating savings is efficient but really takes away that element of achievement. I guess I don’t mind since the saving is getting done. It was really nice to see my investment balances greater than my contributions as that was not the case at the end of 2018.

I Dream of Early Retirement

If I were early retired today, I would have made a big breakfast and watched a movie (Up in the Air).

Maybe I’m hoping by documenting some of my thoughts (especially in the dream section), I can identify that trend all the self-help and life coach gurus say should be there. The trend that’s supposed to help you find your bliss, your joy, your purpose. *rolls eyes* I’ve been journaling for 35 years and tried every online find-your-bliss exercise I can find and still haven’t found it, but hey maybe there’s a more observant person out there.

In case you missed it...


  1. You sound like my daughter. She’s very goal oriented and has her life goals and job goals kind of mapped out. Yet, until recently, she wasn’t really happy at her job. She had been wondering if she spent four years getting the wrong degree although she didn’t really have any interest she wanted to pursue. Finally, she decided to look at her strong points and see how she could use them in her boring job. She has a gamer’s mind of being able to predict what other players are going to do before they do it, so she can use it against them. She’s absolutely no fun to play with because I know she is going to soundly defeat me. Once she started doing it with her job, she started enjoying her job more, and her boss took notice.

    I’ve been trying to make friends too, and have decided that the older we get, the harder it is.

    Lately, I’ve been trying to track what I eat and how it might affect how I feel in the following days. I found out that after the first day or two, I got really tired of writing down every little thing. Now I need to find a better system.

    1. Haha! I like the ending. I have tried that too. I know I don’t feel as weighed down when i eat veggies, but I like fried things so much…they put me right to sleep though.
      How old is your daughter? We do sound similar. I have tried to access the strengths things so much to try to optimize my life but I haven’t been able to do that successfully.
      The thing is if I have to do something normal, I’ll do my best and it usually turns out alright.
      And another thing… I keep trying to move on with my life but as soon as I actually think about starting a new job… I get this sense of dread like ughh…so then I convince myself that my job is actually a pretty good deal. Which I know but why am I always trying to leave?

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