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Seven Spectacular Reasons I Still Shop at Walmart – Like It or Not! (Who Target??)

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey. This is my summer of listicles (and catchy title challenge). Why, you ask? Because it’s summer!  Who has time to be cooped up in the house reading blogs when there is so much life to enjoy!  So to you, readers, I promise to keep these summer posts short, sweet, and engaging.

So while Walmart is an affiliate, I’ve made $0.03 since I joined their affiliate program. And that was for a purchase I made. Yes, they allow self-purchases. I sought them out when I started blogging because I love the brand so much. You’ll see in most of my weekly updates that I tend to run errands there. For the most part, they’re my one-stop shop and since I try to automate as much of my life as possible, it suits me and where I am on My Early Retirement Journey.  After spending a little bit of time earlier this year with Auntie MERJ, I remembered why I love Walmart so much even though millennials give it so much flack. Since we’re getting to know each other, I thought I’d share.

Top 7 Reasons I Shop at Walmart (Target? What that?)

  1. Nostalgia. Growing up in small communities around the Mid-West, Walmart was a community staple. It’s where we went grocery shopping, bought clothes, hung out. It wasn’t until after high school when I moved to DC that I knew or visited stores like Dunkin Donuts, The Container Store, Lowe’s, Mr. Tire, and Kroger. At Walmart you could do all you did at these individual stores in one place! Why wouldn’t you love that. In high school after a Friday night at the movies and dinner at the local Steak N Shake, we’d inevitably end up at Walmart.  I remember many a weekend hanging out with Aunty MERJ in the fabric section picking out patterns for new outfits or craft projects. I think every Easter, Christmas, and First Day of School outfit were home made from fabric bought at Walmart. When Aunty MERJ would take us on trips on school breaks, we always stopped at Walmart for supplies or just to browse. It was like a tourist destination.
  2. Low prices. Their tagline doesn’t lie. It is always low prices. Even if something is a few pennies more at a nearby competitor or on sale somewhere else, the total savings is worth it. Moreover, they price match! Just bring in the ad or pull it up on your phone. Sometimes, they’ll even take your word for it. There’s no need to shop anywhere else!
  3. Savings catcher app. And just in case you didn’t know about a nearby sale at a competitor’s store, you can use the Savings Catcher app.  Here’s how it works. Download the app. Scan your Walmart receipt and if a local competitor has a lower advertised price, you get an eGift Card for the difference! Does it get any better?
  4. Generous return policy. Walmart has a generous return policy that I take advantage of regularly. Just last week I returned some OPENED items and received a refund. For example, I bought some black cherry flavored water for Aunty MERJ and she did not like it. We returned the other cans and got a full refund. Even if you don’t have a receipt they’ll give you store credit! Satisfaction guaranteed is their promise.
  5. They sell everything. I can’t emphasize the significance of a one-stop shop. There’s never a time I prefer to have an errand day take multiple hours by hunting down deals at different stores. Why go to 8 places to get cupcakes for work, new shoes, paper goods, groceries, produce, toiletries? Many people see this as undesirable, but I love it! They can sit in their car driving in traffic and dealing with other drivers. I prefer my one-stop shopping.
  6. Treated the same. Ever go to a store and you feel like the floor staff snub their noses at you. It’s as though they assess your buying potential and decide if it’s worth their time to do their job. I’ve had that experience one too many times, but never at Walmart! Admittedly, you’ll almost never see anyone on the floor at Walmart but hey that’s one less person to snub you in my book.
  7.  Other services. Many Walmart stores also have check-cashing, snack bar/ eateries, banks, beauty salons, car care, and  pharmacies. You can even load my beloved Amex Bluebird card there. I mention them frequently in my weekly updates. And just the other day, Aunty MERJ had a check from over a year ago that I found. It said it was void after 90 days. I couldn’t find a definitive answer on how the bank or the origination institution would handle the payout. To avoid fees down the line, I used Walmart’s check-cashing service and for just $3 we got the check cashed! That’s less than any fee the bank would charge had there been a problem.

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  1. I can't keep up with your posts, you are a machine!

    We don't have Walmart to the same scale here in the UK but we do have Asda which is a Walmart brand and yes, I am an Asda girl although I am currently seeing Lidl behind their back. The bigger Asda near me which I don't frequent has the cafe and a huge range of stuff. 'Little Asda' as I call my local one can provide me with all supermarket stuff, clothes, shoes and a small range of gardening stuff if I so desire. also has a pharmacy. Everything you need on a weekly or monthly basis. I do prefer the one stop shop style of shopping. I rarely visit the local shopping centre and it's closer than little Asda!

  2. The listicles were fun to write. They're such a quick write…8 things i love about saturdays… no work, sleep in, eat what i want, lying about… you get it… Stop by as much or as little as you wish! It's my summer of listicles!

    A world without walmart! How do you live?! 🙂 Oh I didn't know Asda was a Walmart brand. Yes here in the US they have regular walmart (less so), super walmart, and walmart neighborhood market (which is like a regular grocer with a pharmacy and some household items…MUCH smaller than a super walmart). yes my kroger is closer to my home but it's pricier. unfortunately they're closing all 1500 stores in my area… probably because of shoppers like me… whoops.

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