My Early Retirement Journey- #singlegirllife
Early Retirement Journey Scrapbook Summer 2018

Scrapbook | Jul 2018 – Summer So Far

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey. I’m glad you’re here! I appear to be on some sort of overshare binge. This is why all this back pain scares me. It seems like that’s how most addiction starts. You have some sort of a pain, and your prescribed narcotic turns into a life of regret.  Anyway, I digress. I’m not super active on social media as I am 1.5 years without a smartphone and counting…

But I what I enjoy about blogging is reading other people’s stories and getting to know the nitty gritty details of their lives, not just 1,000 ways to clean your sofa for 3 cents. I like stories. So here’s a snapshot of my life this past month with some nifty captions. Enjoy! If you like it,
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My Early Retirement Journey - soda graveyard
The strawberry soda grave yard. I like the idea of soda, but after a few delicious cold refreshing sips, I lose interest and I get bloated. I pretend to save them to drink later, but by the time I want another one, the last can has gone flat. I even tried smaller cans…
My Early Retirement Journey - moscato spritzer
I submitted a feature for Scotch Street. Posting pending. Drank a few sips of this moscato spritzer as well. Didn’t taste as good as I remembered.
My Early Retirement Journey - firetrucks


apartment fire


My Early Retirement Journey - fire truck
There was a fire in my apartment building. Hallway now smells like roasted carpet. What would you save in a house fire?
frugal - hot dog rice
Nutritious, well-balanced meals have fallen low on the priority scale for this single 30-something. This slim meal of hot dog and rice made an appearance more than once this July.  Maybe there will be a revival of healthier meals this fall. Stay tuned…
bed frame


floor mattress
Lastly, I’m in the market for a new mattress (possible a new life). After a searing night of back pain, I came home one day and dragged my mattress to the floor and took the wooden slats off my bedframe to force myself to get a better mattress with traditional support. Coming soon…
So, how was your summer been so far?! Any slice of life images to share?




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  1. My heart goes out to you. How could you lift that mattress let alone get it on the floor? I'm sending positive energy to you and want to thank you for co-hosting #trafficjamweekend. Love your honesty and sense of humor. Hugs, Nan @

  2. Thanks, Nan. I'll take the hugs! I thought 30s was going to be a bit more ez-breezy than this… yikes! Thanks for stopping by #trafficjamweekend

  3. So I already worry about your diet – the hotdog and rice reinforces this. Now I look at your strawberry soda graveyard and worry about your repetitive decision making! I'm all for a can of soda or three (Diet Coke is my poison) but if the first few sips are all you like/can manage, maybe stay away? Alternatively can you buy strawberry juice/squash and make your own with fizzy water? Then you could make just enough to satisfy the first hit and no more?

  4. Yeah, cutting out soda won't be a problem. Honestly the girl in front of me drinks her 2 cans of fizzy soda a day and she gets such a delight out of it, I thought i'd try it. It didn't work. It's my first time buying a 12 pack. I think over the course of the summer say last year and the year before…it took me all summer to get through 3 (12-oz) bottles of soda. so basically 3 cans of soda for the whole summer… and then when it's not as boiling hot outside… i like my regular room temperature water… i told you if it's not a chip or a cookie… i'm not that interested…

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