2019 Scrapbook

Scrapbook: Ecuador 2019

I got back from Ecuador last week. It was pretty great. I had a good time overall. I ate well (three hot meals a day), got okay sleep, and spent a bit of time outdoors. I hiked, traveled by canoe, and almost ate beetle larvae. I dipped my feet in hot springs, called the US for free (just my work voice mail because I ain’t got no fraaands), and took long bus rides over the river Napo (an Amazon tributary) and through the woods. I read a few books and for several moments I forgot my life.

These are the moments I captured.

View from the bus. The Three Marias.
The equator line!
Where we stayed. Only accessible by canoe!
A yummy lunch I didn’t have to prepare!
Hot Springs!

The Middle of the World!

What the pictures don’t show.
– The random bug or allergy bites up and down my legs. There were no mosquitoes and I didn’t see or feel anything actually bite me but when I woke up there they were.
– Not everyone on the tour group was very nice.
– I didn’t necessarily want to stay, but I dreaded coming back home to my nothing life.

What about you? Have you been to South America? 

In case you missed it...

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