Early Retirement Journey Featured Summer 2018

Sabbatical in 5 years or FIRE in 10? A Guest Post on Scotch Street

After my recent Q2 financial update, I found myself wondering if I should take a sabbatical in five years or stick it out and FIRE for good in ten years.  Check out my ruminations on this topic here – my guest post on Scotch Street.

3 Quick Facts about Stock Street (the actual name of the blog):

  • Financial advisor turned personal finance blogger.
  • Recently featured on Rockstar Finance.
  • Runs a fun Hemingway-inspired features section called “Scotch Street” that as you guessed it runs stream-of-consciousness articles about money while drinking scotch (or your drink of choice).
  • Check out My Early Retirement Journey’s Scotch Street feature!


My Early Retirement Journey- #singlegirllife


In case you missed it...

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