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DirecTV Now Review | Read Before Signing Up

Single Girl Review: 5 Quick Things to Know Before Signing Up For DirecTV Now

I couldn’t find that much on what DirecTV Now (no affiliate) was really like for a regular consumer. So for those of you interested in signing up for it, here are a few things to note.

DirecTV Now free trial

I signed up for a 7-day free trial of their cheapest package as I was showing signs of withdrawal from not binge-watching any reality TV.  I was able to download the app and watch it on my beloved Roku.  With all the ridiculousness to include creating yet another log-in, I did get my fill of Southern Charm  and Southern Charm – New Orleans as well as all the old episodes of See No Evil -so frightening but such good detective work!

They generally always run this promotion. In summer 2018, they ran a promotion for $10/mon for three months. If they run it again, take advantage of it!

DirecTV Now – What you get

You can watch live TV as you would with regular cable service.

You can also watch on-demand for the included channels.

DirecTV Now – What to know

Enough of that, here are some quick and dirty things to know about DirecTV Now before signing up for the service.
  • It crashes a lot. I’m talking every 3 episodes. I mostly watch things On-Demand. So if that’s you, get ready for the frustration.
  • The interface itself is not that adaptive to Roku. It’s user-friendly adjacent, as in almost but not quite there. Navigating the app is not entirely intuitive. It’s like they just crammed all the cable channel options onto the app. That’s not how these things work!
  • You can’t scroll by pages. So if a channel has multiple shows on-demand, you’re scrolling by line and it refreshes after EVERY other line. It takes forever.
  • You can’t scroll the TV guide by pages either.
  • It’s difficult to find things. I had to Google how to find the on-demand channels.

It’s slow and crashes. Did I mention that already.

DirecTV Now – Tips

#1 From a live broadcast, use the down button to access the other features: OnDemand, DVR recordings, Trending shows, Your bookmarked shows and networks. Use Right or Left arrows to scroll channels.

#2 Use the up arrow to scroll the TV guide line-by-line. Pro-tip: sometimes it’s easier to scroll your favorites from the Features menu (use down button from within a live broadcast).

#3 To get to shows ON Demand: Use the down button from a live broadcast > Discover (top header) > Networks

#4 The back button doesn’t take you up a page level (like in Hulu), it takes you back a page like you’re scrolling the internet. So, if you’re recording live TV, you can get stuck in a loop.

DirecTV Now – Final thoughts

It’s fine for a 7-day free trial for a long weekend or even $10/month trial for 3 months (i.e. when Fall shows come back), but a little annoying for $30/mon (regular price for basic package).

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(originally published 09Aug2018, updated 06Oct2018)

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  1. Reading this and your previous posts makes me glad I've been lazy and stuck with Virgin cable. Not even moved to Sky TV (cable main competitor in UK) or tried Netflix, Amazon Prime or anything else. Pure laziness but I reading all your trials makes me think in this instance my laziness has won out! Thanks for trying them all though so I know what I am missing!

    P.S Struggling to keep up with you, you're shooting out your posts big time! Oh, and congrats on Stock Street guest post.

  2. Hmm… what is this virgin cable you speak of… for my future life wherein i leave the comforts of the united states… what… omg… i think i'll try any free streaming tv… i love tv so much! hahaha..

    p.s. i've been peeping you too.. those shareable pin posts seem to be doing your blog a huge favor! can't wait to see your next blog report!

  3. You mean I've got to write another blog report? Dang!

    Virgin = main cable supplier in UK. And if you ever do leave the US – come on over to the UK, you'll love the torrential rain we are currently having – bye, bye heatwave, hello British August weather!!

  4. does it snow there too? yes, i am expecting a new report next month…or whenever your milestone month ended up being. check out my twenty cents…that'll get your typing fingers in gear…

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