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Notes On Life | Aug 10, 2018: Crazy Rich Asians, Systems Fail, The Good Kitchen

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey. In case you’re just joining us, here’s a little bit about me.  I am a single 30-something, openly Christian, hesitantly immigrant-y, human woman. I love watching TV while eating takeout, and I want to retire early. I currently work as a consultant in a tele-health call center making around $40/hr. I started my professional life in 2015 at the ripe ole age of 31 after a few false starts. I spent 2016 paying off about $10,000 worth of credit card debt. I spent 2017 paying off about $20,000 in private student loans; I still have about $300,000 in federal student loans for which I am currently on an income-based repayment plan for the next 25 years, give or take.  I started really getting into savings and investing late 2017 when I stumbled upon the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) community.  In 2018, I made the decision to try to save for a sabbatical and maybe if all goes well continue the journey to early retirement.  Along this journey, I give weekly more personal than finance updates just like this one. Come along with me, I urge you!


Monday  My Writer’s Retreat was really awesome. Wanted to say I had the best sleep ever but I was really sweaty the second night. Woke up twice drenched in sweat. Maybe from eating too many cookies right before bed. Hypoglycemia? Idk. Got some good blogging drafts done on Saturday until almost 5p then I lost internet. That forced me to go get food and watch TV. Not much on that interested me but I saw the ad for Crazy Rich Asians. I want to see it!  I read the book about 2 years ago.  Watched that one movie where the British doctor and American journalist get stuck on a snow covered mountain. It was ok. Not my kind of thing.
Tuesday – Sleep was not bad last night. I folded a blanket over the poky mattress coils and that seemed to help more than I thought it would. Also tried staying up till almost 2a. Was able to sleep till 9a.  New episodes of Terrace House! I want to live in Japan again and of course live in the Terrace House house.
Wednesday – So yesterday I randomly chopped off all my hair. Looks like a bad buzz job because I chopped it with scissors. I kept trying to go to get it cut at a shop but a week later and no dice. I just like going to work and coming home. No chores…even household or personal grooming chores. Haven’t made a full Wal-Mart in weeks.
Win for the single girl! Got a call from one on of the trillion elder care programs to which I have applied for Aunty MERJ. And she has moved one step in the process. After faxing a medical certification form for the fourth, I was able to identify a medical assistant at the doctor’s office who was semi-reluctantly able to help me. Too bad for her, I have written her name down and made her my personal contact person. I armed myself with questions prior to the call (rookie tip) and tried my best to get them asked while she kept trying to get me off the phone. One more burden lifted for the single girl. If I can at least get this process to completion, I can let the others fall to the wayside!!
In blogging news, been obsessed with trying to figure out Pinterest and Tailwind after reading about another new blogger who is already generating income on her blog thanks to all her courses and social media traffic.  Sigh. I know I’m just being seduced by seemingly easy money, but ugh, this is a marker of success in blogging and I want to reach that milestone! This is my 100th post and it would be nice to have something to show for it. But I just don’t know. Thinking of revamping or even renaming my blog.  The financial part of my journey is kind of in the background.  I like talking more about my single life because that’s my dynamic. Possible new titles: single girl life, single girl money.  Thoughts?  I do love a fresh start and I really wouldn’t be leaving much of a following behind…
Need to read more especially with Fall shows coming up. Not just to sound learned, but it improves my vocabulary and writing style.  I find myself looking up more words because I haven’t seen them or used them in awhile. And I’ve said before my current station in life is making me stupider.
Lunch was a bust. I actually brought lunch, courtesy of my meal plan from The Good Kitchen. But upon further inspection of the ingredients, I noticed clarified butter. Doh! I thought I had checked but perhaps not closely enough.
Thursday – Will the aggravation ever stop. Apartment building didn’t receive my payment for August rent. Now this entails me getting worked up; logging into bank; stopping myself from sending leasing office a nasty email; screenshot of payment sent; sending nicely worded email; wait anxiously for their response; hope don’t have to dispute late fee; figure out how to pay them in “48 hours or else”; fight back anxiety; great my eye is twitching; do I use my credit card? oh wait $20 fee; they now don’t accept money orders; pay them in cash? no way! now have to put stop payment on check; and issue a new check; of course turn around time on that is out of the 48 hour window; now have to follow up with bank to make sure stop payment is processed; have to follow up with leasing office to make sure payment is received; have to contemplate whether I will want to dispute late fees or not; bill pay system says they will cover it right? what series of re-directs will I have to go through to get this resolved?
In other news..yassss! I registered for a fitness class. I tried to do a back-bend last night..well the one where you lie on the ground and push yourself up with your arms and legs. It didn’t work. Everything was wobbly, I barely got my head off the floor. Call me naïve, but I thought I would always be able to do this…even though I do no exercise now whatsoever. Body, why do you keep failing me!I guess at this point Body is like, MERJ, why do you keep failing me!
Been thinking more about renting a room from one of my aunts. It would help her with her mortgage payment; lower my housing costs; and over 2 years I think I could re-arrange my budget to save 1 year of sabbatical expenses.  Cons against it: loss of independence; I would never be alone again; possible loss of sanity; recall of reasons I moved away; I’d prob be less likely to really take a sabbatical or step away from my life because the rent would be so cheap. In my current apartment, I would definitely have to leave because I couldn’t afford the rent on my propsed sabbatical budget.
Friday – Funny thing happened today. Bank called to verify my last 5 transactions since I almost never use that card.  It was for a few of my back-to-school purchases to include my Writer’s Retreat, flight to Aunty MERJ later this month, Fall activity, and new web hosting! Shhh…I’m still figuring it out.  Most of my everyday expenses are from the allowance I give myself on my free BlueBird card.

TV this week: Terrace House for days and days
Takeout this week: zero

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