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Early Retirement Journey My week Season 1

My Week Ending April 20, 2018: Blogger, Drunken Noodle, Poop Tea

Hi, there. Welcome back. So this is what happened this week in My Early Retirement Journey.

Monday – day job for 9.5 hours. Worked until midnight working on blog. Honestly don’t remember what I was doing. Cursory search on mini-retirement locales. Just an idea I toy around with but haven’t come up with anywhere that sticks.

Tuesday – day job 6 hours. Teaching side gig till 8p. I’m so glad there’s only week of class left. I have a little bit of anorexia (loss of appetite) lately. I think it’s due to lingering constipation from surgery. Ordered take out: Drunken Noodles from the Thai place near work. Only ate half. Cost: $10.  Today is Tax Day. Did my taxes awhile ago.

Wednesday – stopped re-routing my Blogger blog to my WordPress blog. Seriously thinking of leaving self-hosting. It’s too much trouble. I don’t really have an entrepreneurial spirit. Some of the fun has been taken out of it for what was supposed to be a hobby/ passive income. I’ve lost sight of the objective. Got take-out for lunch: hummus, pita, and majadara (lentils): cost $5. Ate leftovers for dinner.

Thursday – general feeling of malaise and loss of appetite. Been eating cupcakes for dinner this week. That probably doesn’t help the ongoing constipation. Drank some senna tea (aka poop tea). Halfheartedly in the market for a second side gig even though I didn’t really like the last one. Not sure what to do with my down time once side gig ends. No cable. Maybe give WordPress a little longer? The $60 is only part of the issue. I felt like I was paying for a community/ got lost in the shuffle. Ran errands at Walmart, cost: $10. Bought lotto tickets for office pool: $2.

Friday – So glad it’s Friday. Only have day job today. Realized I’d spend more on lottery tickets this year than the Bluehost site, so it can’t be the cost. I think the pressure of churning a hobby into a business overwhelmed me. It’s a lot of work with no promise of success. Am I not dreaming big enough? Am I giving up? Or am I recognizing my limitations. They say don’t start a blog to make a money. They say start a blog to make passive income. This Journey is at a pebbly point. I don’t want to say rocky because these are not big hurdles. Lunch $4 (Subway), Dinner $10 (Jerk chicken and rice). Stayed up till 1:00am preparing final lesson for side gig. Search for a new side gig? What will I do with all that daylight and free time this summer?

Total spending this week: $41
TV shows, memorable: Survivor

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  1. Anonymous says:

    [originally published Apr 22, 2018]


    Apr 22,
    You sound tired and worn down. Possibly a combination of post op fatigue, blogger overwhelm, FIRE overwhelm and too many hours at main job and side gig.
    Maybe a spot of TLC is required this weekend?
    Take some time for you, don’t make any permanent decisions, look after yourself, feel better and get your mojo back.
    Plan some time to enjoy your extra free time in the daylight. You don’t always have to be productive.

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