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For at least the last year or two, I’ve been wanting to publicize the insidious shame and humiliation I feel every time I am on the receiving end of microaggression in my everyday life. I even thought about starting a whole website where other people can share their experience with the intention of it serving as some sort of virtual support group. Well like I said, it’s been some time and that idea hasn’t really taken off with much gusto.

After my latest run-in just yesterday, I thought why not use this platform. So here I’ll publicize this part of my journey because frankly I’m tired of bearing the weight of it alone. As I update (and re-publish) this page, feel free to share your story or pass it along to the next person.

What is microaggression?

An utterance, action, or event regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic or gendered minority.

Microaggression along my journey

Self-identification: Declines to provide.

Notable utterances/actions/events:

  • April 2019: Stumbling on the “where are you from?” question during an interview and receiving feedback that “I wouldn’t hire you either.” But are you asking about my nationality? Where I grew up? Where I lived last? What if my origin story is so significantly different from yours that it would take me out of the running anyway? Is this question even relevant to this job?
  • April 14, 2019: The white woman looks with horror as I near her unattended purse.
  • Mar 2019: The black cashier asks if I am paying with food stamps (Las Vegas).
  • Fall 2014: Being berated by my white male professor for 1 hr+ for not showing complete deference to his authority. I was brought to tears before he would stop. When I told my school, they said “well this is the south…”
  • 2011-2015: Harnett County, NC cashiers (one white male, one Hispanic female) repeatedly ask if I’m paying with food stamps.
  • 2011: White female landlord refuses to rent me one of her rooms after meeting me. States the other roommates would be uncomfortable. Once in Harnett County, NC. Once in Wake County, NC.
  • 2005: Hispanic male campus dining hall manager asked if I were there to interview for a job (New Orleans, LA).
  • More to come…

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