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Journey of 20 Job Applications: July 8 Update

Yesterday I posted a chart of the 20 jobs I recently applied for. To help ease the anxiety of constantly refreshing my inbox, I thought I’d take you, dear readers, along for the ride.

See the chart here: Journey of 20 Job Applications: July 7 Update

I have an update! On Monday, July 8, I got an invitation for a phone screen by one of the recruiters. Here’s the clincher, I don’t have cell phone service right now.  Oy. The number on my resume is my landline at work.

So, I replied and gave them the number to my Google Voice app. I can’t use it at work since I can’t access my work internet for personal use. Thus I gave the recruiter a number different from one on my resume aaaand an early morning call time so that I can take the call before I start my work day.

And of course this week happens to be an unusually busy week. I have staff training at work 3 days out of the 5. And I have an appointment on Wednesday. The recruiter asked for a couple times, and I gave her 9:30a or 10a on Thursday! And oh yeah, please call me on this random app.

Here’s who the invitation is from on the chart:

19 7/3/19 PAC Sr. Manager, Widgets Complete 7/3/19

I applied on Jul 3 and heard back Jul 8 (with the holiday and weekend, that’s within 2 business days!). It’s in a high cost of living area so I have to be intentional in my salary ask. Unfortunately, their application asked for my last salary and I told the truth. So not sure how salary negotiations will go should I get that far.

Wish me luck!

For your reference, these are the questions I prepped. I plucked them from a list of questions I was asked during two of my last phone screens that went fairly well.

#1 Quick intro about your self

#2  Salary expectations

#3  When can you start

#4 Where do you live (since I’ll be relocating but not sure if they’ll offer relocation assistance or if that will factor into their decision making)

#5 Strengths/ Weaknesses

#6 What do you know about this job? / Why do you want to work here/do this job?

#7 Why do you want to leave your current role?

In case you missed it...

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