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Journey of 20 Job Applications: Jul 19 Update, Living a Double Life

Happy Friday! It’s time for a new update. It is currently 3p EST on a Friday, so while it’s not exactly close of business, I feel confident no one at these companies is working past 3p on a summer Friday.

That being said here is the lastest update on my Summer Job Hunt.


I’m beginning to see the side of interviewing where I feel as though I’m being pimped for information that the interviewer intends to use with no intention of hiring me. If one more person tells me I don’t have the experience they’re looking for, I may have to start gouging out eyeballs. I’d heard of this with people that work in design or advertising and have to present an idea or a project. Then they later feel they were just being used to generate ideas. It’s an icky feeling. I’ve had to sign 2 NDAs this week. That’s a first in the jobbing process for me.

No. Date Applied Company Position Current Status When I Last Checked
1 6/23/19 DSI Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
2 6/24/19 REG Sr. Manager, Widgets Applied -24Jun2019 7/13/10
3 6/24/19 TAK Manager, Widgets No longer under consideration 7/13/19
4 6/24/19 NOV Sr. Manager, Widgets Screening Phase -28Jun2019 7/13/19
5 6/24/19 AZA Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen on Jul 10; e/m back avail times Jul 10; radio silence since 7/13/19
6 6/24/19 RAK Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for video screen 7/16; repl’d 7/16; video screen scheduled 7/18 6/29/19
7 6/29/19 UCB Lead, Widgets E/m on 7/17 with four screening questions; replied 7/17 7/17/19
8 6/29/19 COV Project Manager, Widget Safety NOT SELECTED 7/13/19
9 6/29/19 CON Specialist, Widget Safety Completed-Updated: Jun 29, 2019 7/13/19
10 6/29/19 IQV Associate Manager, Widget Safety Active 7/13/19
11 6/29/19 IQV Sr. Specialist, Widget Safety Active 7/13/19
12 6/29/19 TRI Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
13 7/3/19 NOV Manager, Widgets Screening Phase -03Jul2019 7/13/19
14 7/4/19 AVE Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for onsite on Jul 10; On 7/11 onsite scheduled for 7/22 7/10/19
15 7/4/19 AZA Scientist, Widget Compliance In Progress 7/13/19
16 7/4/19 FDC Analyst, Widgets Completed-Updated: Jul 4, 2019 7/13/19
17 7/3/19 SYN Specialist, Widget Safety Completed-UpdatedJul5,2019 7/13/19
18 7/3/19 VTX Sr. Manager, Widgets Application Received-03Jul2019 7/13/19
19 7/3/19 PAC Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen 7/8; Phone screen 7/11; radio silence since 7/8/19
20 7/5/19 JZZ Specialist, Widget Safety NOT SELECTED 7/8/19
Status updates

I had two preliminary screens this week, both non-phone.

No. 7 (UCB) sent me a four-question questionnaire. They asked about writing experience. My experience seems to align with what they are looking for but maybe not to the extent they desire. At least they didn’t waste my time with a phone call or offer to interview. No response since; screen was both requested and completed Wednesday night.

No. 6 (RAK) scheduled a video screen on Thursday afternoon. That was a first in this summer job hunt. It was during my lunch break in the middle of the work day, and I had to sneak into an unused conference room. All this sneaking around makes me feel like I’m living a double life!  I thought the video screen would be done over Skype but they used a platform that was new to me called Zoom. I was prepared. By now, I have a saved document of the questions they usually ask. Upon reflection, I think my enthusiasm might read a little young, so I might work on that…or I might not. No. 6 (RAK) is a little more desirable because of the location (West Coast!), but less desirable because it’s a newer company and they’re building the department from scratch. Blech.

Two companies have moved from green to orange: No. 5 (AZA) and No. 20 (PAC).

Recall No. 5 (AZA) asked for times for a phone screen, and I responded within 24 hours. Crickets since. A colleague works there and said the job has been posted internally, so I’m guessing that’s the direction they’re going. If we’re looking for the upside that’s one PTO day I didn’t have to waste.

No. 20 (PAC) said the hiring manager would get back to me in a couple days. It’s been over a week. I think either my location or possibly my salary ask ($137 to $142k) was a deterrent. I can’t change where I live and the times I tried putting a local address, I got caught in my duplicity. Not a good feeling. And I’m not willing to live in a higher cost of living area for much less than that salary ask.

Next week is the dreaded all day interview at No. 14 (AVE). I finished my presentation so that was exciting and a relief. Did I tell you they responded to my questions. I was kind of hoping they wouldn’t and rescind the offer for the onsite interview. But alas, we’re all playing the polite dance, it’s costing them about $400 and me about $300 of lost wages. Le sigh.


I’m beginning to wonder a few things…am I really ready to work with a start-up? I’m such a fan of established process! But that might be a preference of circumstance. Smaller companies tend to hire people that are familiar to them (i.e. you look like me (white man), you must be just like me (white man) ); it makes them comfortable and they guesstimate what that person is capable of based on appearance (have you seen the latest Big Brother). The one upside of start-up is potential for stock options.

A colleague asked me what I would do if I got an offer, my answer still remains I’ll take it given I can at least maintain, if not increase, my level of savings.

Costs incurred

So when I first started this Journey of 20 Job Applications, I told myself if I got three responses, I would activate my phone. I activated my phone after the request for a video screen because I thought the video screen would be done over Skype. It wasn’t.  I only utilized the phone once to answer quickly to their request. That was $27 for a polite no. Ugh.

I haven’t added the costs for my travel to the Midwest this weekend because they say they’re going to reimburse me.

My current job

On the quitting in Sept 2019 front, I asked myself if today (Friday) was the day I was going to hand in my resignation for my hoped-for sabbatical, would I still do it? At this point, the answer seems like no. Work has been pretty unremarkable. Call volume is low since we’re awaiting a launch and are a bit over-staffed in preparation. The more distance I have between my old team and my new team,  the more I realize how much of a driver my old team was in my desire to quit. Hrmph. Just when you think you have your life figured out.

Looking forward

Given my personal history with the jobbing process, I really expect responses to taper off after this week. Probably will be getting a slew of No-Thank-Yous or radio silence (more common). That’s okay. Things should start ramping up at work pretty soon and that will make it less easy to call out. Then it will be August and the countdown begins to my targeted ‘Turn in my Resignation letter’ date. Will she do it???

Also, I have been continuing the process for the teaching gig in Spain. It starts Oct 1. I’m hoping to make a decision by end of July. But who knows…

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