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Journey of 20 Job Applications: Jul 13 Update, So Many Hoops

It’s only 9a as I write this and unfortunately, I’ve been up for five hours. Why you might ask. Well, first the heat.

I was already up so I got this brilliant idea to book my dummy travel for my upcoming job interview. My current plan is to get there a day early and visit my cousin who I haven’t seen in over 5 years.

In case you missed the beginning: Journey of 20 Job Applications: July 7 Update

The letter the company (No. 14 AVE) sent me  said they would reimburse for airfare, 1 night hotel, and car rental. I’m not even sure they know where I live to know if this offer applies to me, but ok. They didn’t say I couldn’t do it. This is my third time flying in for an interview this year (2019), but this is the first time I had to book it myself.

Thoughts on this: It definitely makes it easier not to feel obligated to attend. When the company sets up the travel, it takes the indecision away; it’s more of a done deal. Reimbursing for travel makes it seem more tentative. Like… I could cancel anytime (or not book at all) and not feel that bad about it. Which essentially is how I feel.

Anyway, since I was adding an extra day to my trip, I booked a dummy itinerary where I flew in Sunday and flew out Monday. This changes my airfare and car rental. Not much changes with hotel, since I’d be staying one night with my cousin. Once I got those confirmations and receipts to turn in, I cancelled those bookings.

My real booking is going to be for a Saturday flight and 3 days of car rental (as opposed to two). I may be indecisive, but I’m not dishonest.

Why I don’t want to go:

  • It’s a 7 hour interview day (at 9a to 4p, this might be my longest yet)
  • I’ll be meeting with 9 different people
  • I’ll be forced to present (this requires so much prep, it’s annoying)
  • In addition, it’s a cold weather state (where I grew up and was so pumped to leave)
  • Have to call out of work and use a vacation day
  • Oh did I mention…. I have to make this presentation while not irrelevant, it’s not really what I’d be doing there

Why I might still go:

  • Interview practice… I guess
  • Greater chance I might see my cousin this year

I think I’m mostly just afraid of being treated poorly by inexperienced employees who have little to no interviewing experience. I don’t want my time wasted and then made to feel bad on top of that. Because even if they’re poor interviewers, it’ll make me feel bad long after the interview that I didn’t perform better. That I couldn’t somehow turn it around in my favor. To me it feels like 9 against 1 (me). This is why I don’t like interviewing in general.

So to get out of my feelings, I went ahead and checked the status of my other applications.

No. Date Applied Company Position Current Status When I Last Checked
1 6/23/19 DSI Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
2 6/24/19 REG Sr. Manager, Widgets Applied -24Jun2019 7/13/10
3 6/24/19 TAK Manager, Widgets No longer under consideration 7/13/19
4 6/24/19 NOV Sr. Manager, Widgets Screening Phase -28Jun2019 7/13/19
5 6/24/19 AZA Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen on Jul 10 7/13/19
6 6/24/19 RAK Sr. Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
7 6/29/19 UCB Lead, Widgets Under Review – Status date: 06/29/19 7/13/19
8 6/29/19 COV Project Manager, Widget Safety NOT SELECTED 7/13/19
9 6/29/19 CON Specialist, Widget Safety Completed-Updated: Jun 29, 2019 7/13/19
10 6/29/19 IQV Associate Manager, Widget Safety Active 7/13/19
11 6/29/19 IQV Sr. Specialist, Widget Safety Active 7/13/19
12 6/29/19 TRI Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
13 7/3/19 NOV Manager, Widgets Screening Phase -03Jul2019 7/13/19
14 7/4/19 AVE Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for onsite on Jul 10; On 7/11 onsite scheduled for 7/22 7/10/19
15 7/4/19 AZA Scientist, Widget Compliance In Progress 7/13/19
16 7/4/19 FDC Analyst, Widgets Completed-Updated: Jul 4, 2019 7/13/19
17 7/3/19 SYN Specialist, Widget Safety Completed-UpdatedJul5,2019 7/13/19
18 7/3/19 VTX Sr. Manager, Widgets Application Received-03Jul2019 7/13/19
19 7/3/19 PAC Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen 7/8; Phone screen 7/11 7/8/19
20 7/5/19 JZZ Specialist, Widget Safety NOT SELECTED 7/8/19

Two more rejections. I’m not sure why I thought this would help.

The one I really wanted based on location alone was No. 20. I would have been more willing to jump through these hoops to be back on the West Coast.

I’m hoping to make a final decision Monday close of business. My hope is I’ll start/finish the presentation by then; hear from landlord about lease renewal; and hear back from the other two job opportunities currently moving forward. I hope to email them (No. 14 AVE) by Wednesday if I ultimately decide not to go. Part of me wants to email them a bunch of questions, namely centered around what’s the point of interviewing with nine people and making a 45 minute presentation. Thoughts?

In case you missed it...

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