Journey of 20 Job Applications: Jul 12 Update, What a Difference a Day Makes

Wow, this week has been hectic! Hectic. Hectic, I say!
We are moving over to a new database set to go live Aug 5. So, I had training for that for 2.5 days. I wrote a tutorial for the steps that might be helpful for the team.  Helpful? Bah! More like…Single Girl trying to get a promotion.

Trained a new employee for 2 days. That leaves a half day of actual work. My kind of week!

In the midst of all this I am fielding emails from prospective employers. On Jul 9 I wrote about how after 2 days of waiting, I was already getting discouraged. And by Day 3, I was nearing overwhelm. What a difference a day makes!


No. Date Applied Company Position Current Status When I Last Checked
1 6/23/19 DSI Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
2 6/24/19 REG Sr. Manager, Widgets Applied -24Jun2019 7/9/19
3 6/24/19 TAK Manager, Widgets Sumibtted 7/9/19
4 6/24/19 NOV Sr. Manager, Widgets Screening Phase -28Jun2019 7/9/19
5 6/24/19 AZA Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen on Jul 10 7/10/19
6 6/24/19 RAK Sr. Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
7 6/29/19 UCB Lead, Widgets Under Review – Status date: 06/29/19 7/9/19
8 6/29/19 COV Project Manager, Widget Safety Received Submission 7/9/19
9 6/29/19 CON Specialist, Widget Safety Completed-Updated: Jun 29, 2019 7/9/19
10 6/29/19 IQV Associate Manager, Widget Safety Active 7/9/19
11 6/29/19 IQV Sr. Specialist, Widget Safety Active 7/9/19
12 6/29/19 TRI Manager, Widgets No applicant portal 6/29/19
13 7/3/19 NOV Manager, Widgets Screening Phase -03Jul2019 7/9/19
14 7/4/19 AVE Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for onsite on Jul 10; On 7/11, onsite scheduled for 7/22 7/10/19
15 7/4/19 AZA Scientist, Widget Compliance In Progress 7/9/19
16 7/4/19 FDC Analyst, Widgets Completed-Updated: Jul 4, 2019 7/9/19
17 7/3/19 SYN Specialist, Widget Safety Completed-UpdatedJul5,2019 7/9/19
18 7/3/19 VTX Sr. Manager, Widgets Application Received 7/3/19
19 7/3/19 PAC Sr. Manager, Widgets E/m for phone screen 7/8; Phone screen 7/11 7/8/19
20 7/5/19 JZZ Specialist, Widget Safety NOT SELECTED 7/8/19

On Mon, Jul 8, No. 19 contacted me to schedule a phone screen. It was scheduled for Thurs, Jul 11.  She asked me all the questions I prepared! I stumbled once on ‘how did you hear about us.’ Grr.  Per the recruiter, I would hear back in a couple days from hiring manager. Haven’t heard back yet.

No. 5 on the list contacted me next on Wed, Jul 8. They want to schedule a phone interview for next week. I responded Wed night. No further contact.

No. 14 on the list contacted me a couple hours later. They asked for dates for an onsite interview… in Chicago.  Now I have to remember what address I put on that app. Did I ‘visualize’ an apartment in Chicago or did I use my NC address? Am I going to have to pay to get myself there? How can I take yet another day off from work on short notice without calling attention to myself? Wait…why didn’t they do a phone screen? Is this some sort of red flag I’m overlooking in my zeal to move on?

With the thought of having to negotiate three “sick days” over the next couple weeks while we ready to launch our new database and commercialize two new drug products, I began to wonder how I even got to this place? Am I really ready to leave the nothing I’ve built and the no friends I have living in this area for the last 8 years?

As many of my poor decisions go, I think it all started with the feelings. I was overlooked again for the most recent round of promotions. This time I didn’t even actively pursue it. Oh, I know! It was the Quality, Widgets position I actively pursued and was swiftly denied because quote ‘I didn’t have enough experience with the client (read: you’re not a bubbly blonde stick person)’. That stung. To get ‘revenge’ I thought I’d get a job directly with the client because I just knew I was that good.

I may very well be but I couldn’t convince the client of this.

Those feelings progressed into well, I’m certainly not wanted here. Must find a way out. I applied some more fueled by the silent rejection of each preceding application. Then it morphed into a game I had to win because by now I’d already started slyly storing money for a six-month break in Sept 2019. And my job had kind of mellowed out. Twenty applications later, I am negotiating three sets of interview cycles at three different companies in three different states. I still don’t have a phone and I don’t really want to live in any of these states. Oy!

Single Girl, get your life!

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