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Is Anyone Else Tired of All the Log-Ins?

This post has been brewing for a while, but since taking over my aunt’s finances, my number of log-ins has increased to the point that another rant was brewing. Then my car insurance company sent me a renewal notice. With all the frugaling that has come into my life, I thought briefly about comparison shopping for car insurance, but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else that would require another log-in. Then I got to thinking what my day looks like from start to finish in terms of log-ins (some are saved, but included here as part of the narrative).

7:47a – Alarm sounds

  • Alarm = song purchased from iTunes (log-in required)
  • Check email
    • Log-in to iPad
    • Log-in to internet
    • Log-in to email
  • Brush teeth, shower, put on clothes
    • Log-in required to pay water bill
    • Log-in required to pay power bill
    • Log-in required to pay rent

8:30a  – Leave for Work

  • Leave apartment, get in car, drive
    • Unlock and relock apartment (mechanical log-in)
    • Unlock and start car (mechanical log-in)
    • Log-in required to pay car insurance
    • Log-in/secure code required to buy gas
    • Log-in required to renew license
    • Log-in required to renew registration

9a-5p – Work

  • The 8 hour work day
    • Key card needed to enter building each time
    • Log-in to desk phone
    • Log-in to laptop
    • Log-in to email
    • Log-in to voicemail
    • Log-in to workstation
    • Log-in to timecard
    • Log-in to client’s database
    • Log-in to client’s SharePoint database
    • Log-in to training database
    • Log-in to payroll system to access paychecks, benefits, PTO balance
    • Log-in to check schedule or request time-off
    • Log-off every time you leave workstation
    • Log-in to printer to print
    • Optional. Log-in to order or buy lunch

6p – Home

  • Free Time/ Dinner
    • Takeout/ Groceries- log-in or pin required to purchase food
    • TV – log-in to some app or subscription + additional log-in to pay monthly bill


  • Managing Personal Finances
    • Log-in to check all your balances with your super secure unique 17-character passwords that must contain a drop of blood, a symbol, uppercase letter, lower case letter, non-consecutive digits, 1 eyelash that organically fell out, and must not have any sequence repeated from your last 463 passwords; if that’s not enough, some invite you to participate in 2-factor authentication requiring you to log-in to your phone or email in addition to their website
    • Log-in to computer or app to document said expenses, income
    • Now double that for aging loved-ones or a partner
    • Then you have the nerve to blog about this nonsense and the log-ins just triple!
  • The Rest of Life
    • All the log-ins!

I don’t know about you but thieves are ruining lives with the incessant logging in and out of things we’re required to do because of them. Obviously, I appreciate the need for security but with all the log-ins and the recent surge of 2-factor authentications, it’s getting to be a lot!  What is this single 30-something to do?! How many log-ins do you encounter during your typical day? 

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  1. Love the new website! Yep I hear you on log ins. Then there is the whole log in thang for online shopping as well – for every shop you may purchase from. I’ve sometimes auto renewed car insurance and the like purely because I cannot be bothered to go through the whole comparison thing – EFFORT!

  2. NB. Your link “the nerve to blog about this” goes to a 404 (not found) page – might want to check your redirects.

    Oh and lovely to meet you Ellie! Does this mean I shouldn’t call you MERJ anymore?

    1. myearlyretirej says:

      I’m still deciding (on the name front). I’m glad you found me. It’s been a 6 hour and counting battle with the redirects. I’m manually correcting them. 10 down, 90 to go. Check back in 9 months…haha… j/k… goal is to have everything polished by labor day! One bit a time.

  3. I’ve never counted the log-ins and never will because if I knew an actual number my head would probably explode!

    1. myearlyretirej says:

      That might be a good strategy…

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