Budgeting Early Retirement Journey Season 1

I got towed!

One fine morning after mustering the energy to attempt another workday, I walked outside to get in my car. My car was gone. A strange calm settled over me as I searched the parking lot. My first thought was my car was towed. And lo, it was! I had been parking in this handicapped space in front of vacant retail spaces on the backside of our building.  I guess today was the day I was found out.  Figures.

I moseyed, still eerily calm, to the towing sign to get the phone number. Since I don’t have a cell phone and my emergency phone is in my car, I walked back into my apt to call from a Google app.

Two rude phone calls and a threat (from the towing company!) later, I was told my car was on its way. Yes, the towing company threatened to charge me $50 dollars extra for trying to plead my case. He states his daughter is handicapped so I was “barking up the wrong tree.” Heaven forbid, a random woman should want to park on the side of my apartment building in front of vacant retail space flanked by stairs. I felt no empathy and I’m not ashamed to say it. Entitled people can be handicapped too and I can’t be bothered with the flood of entitlement I have to wade through regularly.

My final prize was…


For the opportunity to have my car forcibly removed$200

And for the privilege of having my car returned to me: $100

Total damage to my budget: $300 (all before breakfast!)
Budget category: Unexpected Expense


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