My Early Retirement Journey- credit score
Bumps In The Road Summer 2018

How I Raised My Credit Score 52 Points in 7 Days With Just 1 Click!

So I read once that in creating documentaries, filmmakers inevitably disrupt the very thing they are trying to capture in its undisturbed state. The sheer fact that a person, place, or thing is being documented affects outcomes. A similar thing happened with my post on my credit score. I initially was just going to share that my credit score dropped. But by the end of the post, I found myself wondering how useful is that? So I added that I was going to dispute it with one of the reporting agencies just to at least provide a solution. I’m learning that’s why people go to these internets. I really don’t think I would have done anything about it had I not chosen to blog about it.

Well, my minimal effort paid off. Well, sort of. My minimal effort didn’t do much and the fact that it didn’t made me want to do more. It’s better if I show you with words.

My Early Retirement Journey - monitor your credit score

The Timeline of Events:

April 2, 2018: Email Alert. Received an email alert from Credit Karma (no-affiliate) that my credit score dropped.
April 4, 2018: Called Transunion. They could discuss nothing over the phone they told me, but they could send a free credit report. I also called one of my former student loan companies because they had recently sent me an erroneous letter that my $0 balance was getting reported to the Dept of Education for non-payment and wage garnishment. Ludicrous. The lady I spoke with said, when I get the credit report to send it to them and they’d take a look at it. I thought maybe they were the ones behind this decrease.

April 11, 2018: Received credit report.  The printed report from Transunion (no-affiliate) was exactly the same as what was online at Credit Karma.
April 28, 2018: Submitted dispute with Transunion. Went to Transunion online to dispute credit history. Found a copy of my college transcript as a pdf and uploaded it to the site as evidence that my loans could not have been due and then overdue as I was still in the grace period following graduation. I triple checked that the grace period following graduation was 6 months. I graduated in Aug 2015 and they were saying my loans were 90 to 180 days overdue in Oct 2015 and Nov 2015. A six month grace period would have covered me until Feb 2016, so they were clearly mistaken.

May 21, 2018: Transunion responds. Transunion sends me a letter via mail that they’ve updated the credit rating on the disputed accounts. I compared the letter to the credit report they previously sent and it looked the same to me. I compared those two documents with what I saw online and they all looked the same.

May 29, 2018:  Submitted dispute on Credit Karma.  Ugh. I hate disputes. At this point, I’m just annoyed. I didn’t even really want to do this. Stupid, blog!  But at least I don’t have to do anything over the phone. I’m so annoyed. Fortunately,  Credit Karma had a 1-click dispute button so that made it easier. This time I just sent them a one sentence note explaining the grace period. There was no option to upload anything.
Jun 3, 2018: Credit Karma responds. I get an email notification that my dispute has been resolved, but I have to log-in to see results. No thanks. There was nothing else I could or desired to do at this point, so the results really didn’t matter. And I hate log-ins!

Jun 5, 2018: My credit score went up! Credit Karma sends me an email notification that my credit score went up. I was a little intrigued.  Recall, up until this point I had kind of given up on the situation as again I don’t really need credit for anything. I don’t have plans to mortgage a home in the near future and I have no desire to open any credit cards so I was willing to just wait my turn on this one. Anyway, a few days later, my curiosity got the best of me and I was pleasantly surprised!


My Early Retirement Journey - credit card dispute

You’ll notice a subtle theme with me and these disputes.  Check my related content for more!

Update (17Jul2018)
Realized after I posted this…
28Apr2018 Transunion score: 668
05Jun2018 Transunion score: 720
Difference: 52 points!

I think Credit Karma had just calculated the net difference (35 pts) because score had fluctuated a bit over the time period above.

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  1. I'm with you on hating disputes, especially if it involves multiple telephone calls. Give me internet every time. I have found the same with writing a blog, it makes you accountable and you feel you have to explore further or act in a certain way to ensure you write the right thing. But this had a positive outcome for you so +1 for the blog!

  2. Tuppeny! Hey, there. Yes +1 for the blog. OMG, about a few times a year, I have to dispute something. I can get it done, but it's usually not at first. I mean my credit score first tanked in 2015 because of the erroneous loan report and it took me this long to do anything about it. And actually, now that I re-read this…my score actually went up more than 50 points since I wrote the first post. I think credit karma just did the net gain.To update or not to update? 🙂

  3. No harm in adding a little footnote to this post with this further update. Proves your point more so about disputing credit scores and wrong info.

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