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Housing for Profit? An Update from Sandra Rinomato

I recently posited:  Is it worth it to get a larger mortgage to increase your potential resale value?

As you know from my Budget Struggles, housing is my biggest expense and one I hope to cut down to fuel momentum in My Early Retirement Journey.  After binge watching Buy Herself on Netflix, I thought I sure wish I knew Sandra Rinomato! Maybe she would know what to do. So I emailed her from her website. And she responded!!!

Here’s what she had to say on the matter:

Hi xxx, thanks for watching Buy Herself. I hope you enjoyed it.

Your question is valid, and it may be something to consider because location is always the number one factor for real estate investing. You should also consider your quality of life in the location. Will you enjoy living in one area more than another? Will spending more money affect your ability to enjoy a quality of life? These are all questions, and there are many more, that you should answer honestly to yourself. Nobody can make the decision for you, so take your time, do some research, talk to people in each area and talk to local realtors who will be willing to take the time to carefully consider your situation and help you perform due diligence by providing information. NAR will have some information for you as well, check them out on line.
You are in a good position because you have choices, but sometimes having choices makes things more difficult 🙂
Be careful, think long and hard and do what’s right for you.
Good luck, let me know what you decide in the long run. I’ll be interested to hear about it!
What do you guys think?

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