About me Fall 2018

Dear God, It’s me. I have some questions.

20Oct2018, I was editing my week in the life of a Single Girl update for later today, and it was getting too long so I decided to break it up into two posts.

These are mostly some unanswered questions swirling in my head this week.

I’m vacillating between taking a break from work sooner than FIRE and sooner than my proposed Sabbatical in 2020.

Right now, it’s bedtime and I feel a bit settled. I also cooked two meals after work and drafted a guest post and found out I was in the Rockstar Finance Newsletter, so I’m feeling pretty good. But when the high dies down I’m faced with these lingering questions…

  1. If everyone is so committed to the grind, why do I struggle so hard?
  2.  Do I renew my lease for 1 year?
  3. Do I take a break in Jan 2019?
  4. Take a break in March 2019?
  5. Take a break from blogging?
  6. Buy a house in Fuquay?
  7. Buy a house in Montana?
  8. Do I keep grinding?
  9. Do I just wait to take my Sabbatical in 2020?
  10. Seek and find a 7 on 7 off position?
  11. Do I get a part time job to get experience to make me a competitive applicant for a 7 on 7 off job in retail/ hospital?
  12. Do I keep grinding?
  13. Do I just take a break and figure it out later?
  14. If I take a break, is it worth it to push back retirement by x years?
  15. Do I keep grinding for x more years?
  16. Ughhhhh what is a single girl to do?!
  17. Reasons for not taking a break:
    • Pushes back retirement
    • I might not come back
    • I’m just coming back to the same grind
    • What exactly am I taking a break from? What do I hope to accomplish?
  18. Should I just wait until next year (2019) for my planned six week vacation which might only be four weeks now due to some recent policy changes at work?

Thanks, God. Sincerely awaiting your response,



P.S. I’ll update this as clarity comes.


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