100 Posts Later. What You Liked. What I Learned.

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey! All three of my loyal readers, I’m so glad you’re here! I have reached 100 posts (actually a week or so ago). Praise the Lord! Yeah, I took it there.  Anyway, for the two that I didn’t just offend, keep reading for a recap of the 10 most …

My Early Retirement Journey Featured on The Financial Diet

In case you missed it, here’s My Early Retirement Journey’s feature on The Financial Diet. Head over there now for my Aug 2018 feature and some great tips for all things young and money! Oct 2018 Feature: The Life Crisis That Finally Made Me Get My Act Together & Get Rid Of $30K In Debt

Single Girl Guide to Start a Blog

How To Start A Blog, part 2

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info. Single Girl’s Essential Guide to Blogging (part 2) Congratulations, you did it! You did the easy part – choosing a name and signing up for hosting, and you’re ready for the best part – creating content! If you’re smart, you clicked …

Spotlight on: My Early Retirement Journey

Remember the ‘old days’ when online chat rooms were still the thing and people would list and ask for stats upon entering a chat room? I thought that might be a quaint idea to utilize as I browsed and shared other FIRE blogs of interest. As this blog grows, there might be other blogs that …