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Housing has been on my mind since before I started this blog. You see, I moved into my brand new luxury apartment in 2015 with the plan to move out in two years. The plan was to save enough for a house. That’s what my peers were doing, and it seemed like the natural next step for me as well. Then two years came, and I realized I couldn’t really afford a house as nice as my apartment. So I stayed.

Then I realized I didn’t actually want to buy a house in North Carolina because I didn’t want to live in North Carolina. So I renewed my lease for another year. Then I actively tried to find a job in another state; when that failed, I renewed my lease again. I’ve thought about different housing options, but because it has just been easier to do nothing that’s what I’ve done.

But if I’m going to get serious about FIRE, I really need to do something about my housing expenses. I currently spend $1,000 to $1,100/mon on housing for a studio apartment with no oven and one window, and my target spending for 2019 and now 2020 has been $26,000/year. So, my housing expenses are entirely too much!

All (most of) my thoughts and posts on my housing dilemma

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