2019 Listicles

All the things I loved about 2019

So admittedly, 2019 was not my year of the remarkable success I imagined. Just your run of the mill success – safe, alive, adequate health, not poor.

But there were some times where the little things really made me smile. Be reminded, I’m a simple girl who is easily saddened but also easily pleased. I love eating junk food, watching television, and just sitting outside (something I don’t do much of). So to encapsulate some simple joys, I thought I’d list them here and count my blessings (in no particular order). Maybe you can relate to some…

All the things I loved in 2019

  • Season 1 of Body Cam (what a breakout hit!)
  • For The People, Season 2, Episode 10
  • My fuzzy robe
  • Clean socks
  • My apartment that I don’t really have to heat or cool after October
  • Married to Millions
  • My Roku!!
  • New Aladdin song “Speechless”
  • Travel Reimbursement for interviews
  • A new calculator Aunty MERJ bought me when my old one died
  • A job when I had no job (not little but I’ve minimized it to fit my whoa-is-me narrative)
  • The crab at the Chinese buffet down the street
  • Seeing Africa and South America
  • My friend getting a baby. She was so happy and it seemed so meant to be!
  • How happy my aunt gets when I visit (eventhough I’m a grumpy goat)
  • My deep fryer
  • All my blankets

Well, that was quite anticlimactic. This list turned out way shorter than it was in my mind. I don’t want to spend another minute thinking about it. Happy New Year!

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