Early Retirement Journey Listicles Summer 2018

7 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Instead of Going to Work Tomorrow

Welcome back to My Early Retirement Journey. I was really excited when I made my Sunday Funnies – The Life Cycle of A Corporate Drone comic strip. Who knew it would foreshadow events to come. Shortly after it was posted, I did end up having to drag my mattress to the bare floor to sleep. I had woken up that morning in searing back pain. It felt like I had slept on a bed of hot coals. Events like these or stupid minute things that happen at work but seem so big at the time make me think more about leaving the workforce sooner rather than later.

These daydreams usually lead to wild thoughts of what I’d rather be doing instead. Right now exiting the workforce on my own terms just seems like an abstract idea, especially until I can find a real purpose.  It’s the middle of the night and once again I can’t sleep; my thoughts are circling around what I’d rather be doing instead of going to work tomorrow (i.e. in 5 hours).

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A Foray Through My Mind On What I Could be Doing Instead...

  • Learn Japanese
  • Spend a season in Nagano after learning Japanese
  • Communicate in Spanish (or other language)
    • Achieve fluency
    • Live in a Spanish speaking country for 9-12 months
  • Eat loco moco
  • Make loco moco
  • Live in the mountains or go on a mountain retreat or both
  • Three or 5 day or week long yoga retreat
Loco moco

What about you, if for some reason you didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, what would you rather be doing?

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