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Housing Diaries: Is my math wrong or does PMI make sense for me?

I was awakened from sleep with worries that the PMI I willfully accepted on my mortgage loan would ruin everything. I don’t know what “everything” is exactly but the worry persisted none the less. One thing (of few) I did know going into the home buying process was to get loan “quotes” from different lenders. …

My Early Retirement Journey- #singlegirllife
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Housing Diaries: Everything but my bowel movements or all the things I have to provide to a mortgage lender

If you’ve ever tried to keep your personal finance from the eyes of others, getting a mortgage is not for you. From the initial pre-approval to the conditional approval to ultimately granting the loan (hasn’t happened yet), mortgage lenders ask for so much stuff. Some of it doesn’t even make sense. Anything that has to …

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Housing Diaries: How I Saved $100 on a Radon Test and other life updates

Feb 18, 2020 You’ll have to excuse yesterday’s post. It was an incomplete draft from a week ago that I just published. I endeavored to do a life update and a housing update as separate posts but it turns out this housing stuff is taking over my life! Life Updates I worked from home all …

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Early Retirement Journey My week

Feb 9, 2020: I’m having trouble believing your lies, I mean words

So the thing happened. I don’t want to write it because I’ll start crying. There goes my one 2020 goal of: not crying. The thing happened, and it means a family gathering. Everything is annoying. Closer to family New cousins I just met in Florida are vocalizing that I should move to Florida. I know …

2019 Budgeting Early Retirement Journey Updates and Reports

2019 Income, Expenses, Savings

Here’s a preliminary look at my income and expenses or as the bloggers say, everything I spent in 2019!  First, here’s a look back. June 2019 Financial Update  Single Girl Money | March 2019 Financial Update  Single Girl Money | Dec 2018 Income and Expenses Update  Single Girl Money | Dec 2018 Savings and Investment …